MBISS Am Can GCH Harlequin's I Dont Give A Damm

Rhett 20 months old - Winner of AM Bred Yellow at 2019 Potomac

one of 5 dog pulled for WD

DOB: 08/31/2017

AKC: SS00929602

AKC DNA #V914331

CH ClearCreek BonaVenture Dust in the Wind


Harlequin's Little Bird


Heart Echo-Normal - OFA Hips-Excellent - Elbows-Normal

CLEAR FOR: EIC, HNPK, CNM, DM, Long Coat, Fluffy Coat, PRA/PRCD

CERF Annually

"My Breed dog today, he filled my eyes

in every aspect"

Sussie Wiles-Richbourne Labradors

Rhett San Diego 2020

BISS San Joaquin 2020

"Yellow with lots of type.  Typical shape of head with strong muzzle.  Rich dark pigmentation.  Strong neck, excellent lay of shoulders.  Strong top-line and excellent tail set.  Superb forechest, excellent front and rear angulation.  Strong bones and nice feet.  Moved with lots of drive and easy.  Always showed his wagging otter tail"

Vanessa Malkmus-Black Pearl's of Manhattan

Winner of Am Bred Yellow at Potomac, one of the last 5 pulled for WD

Rhett Potomac 2019

Rhett & Sister solo San Diego 2020

Rhett & Sister solo PSLRA 2019

Seattle kennel club group 4 (20 Months)

Yosemite wd-20 months old

Piedmont wd/jam-19 months old

Rhett's Pedigree

Rhetts Kids

Vena 5 months

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